Tremont Elementary School Renovations and Additions

What’s Going on at Tremont Elementary School?

Legat Kingscott was hired at the recommendation of Chris Potts, Executive Director of Business Services for UA City Schools, to perform professional design services for Tremont Elementary School in Upper Arlington, Ohio. Mr. Potts had established a relationship with our firm in 2010, when we designed the renovation of Upper Arlington High School spirit store, “Bear Essentials.” Our interior designer Sylvia Kowalk livened up the windowless room with the school’s yellow and black colors, extra storage units, exposed ceiling and added light fixtures. Sales increased as a direct result of the renovation. From that point on, we have been a client of Upper Arlington City Schools. We were thrilled to be selected once again to guide UA Schools in the renovation and additions project at Tremont Elementary.

It was determined through facility assessment that the district was suffering from overcrowding, and Tremont was no exception. The original capacity of the school was 500. With the completion of a phased renovation and additions project, the school could operate with a capacity of 650. Three phases were devised for the occupied building site:

Phase One: 3rd Grade Classroom Wing Addition & Media Center Addition for a total of 11,300 SF.

Phase Two: Gym, Orchestra Room, Toilet Rooms, and Athletic Offices additions totaling 10,500 SF.

Phase Three: Renovations of Interiors – existing gym will convert to cafeteria, locker rooms and art room will become the new kitchen, the old media center will become art rooms, administration offices will become staff workrooms and the old kitchen/cafeteria will become administration offices.


Dennis Paben has been serving as Project Manager, overseeing the ins and outs of the occupied building, phased renovations and additions at Tremont. Eric Mauk, our Construction Administrator, deals with issues on-site every day. We are teamed with Elford Construction.

Projected completion of Phase Three is August of 2017.


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