STEM Lab at Whitehall Yearling High School

STEM Lab – Whitehall Yearling High School

The STEM lab at Whitehall Yearling High School optimizes flexibility in the study of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The open floor plan, complemented by low, movable tables, fixed high tables, and a counter top that flanks the outside walls, provides varying options for group interaction, while supporting individualized study. Shelving and storage space is built into the walls, and fixed tables are designed with central sinks and retractable outlets that hang from the ceiling  for easy access during experiments. The muted yellow wall accents the end of the lab while green, adjustable lab stools add color in the overall neutral interior. 

Three large windows join the classroom space with the hallway, allowing students passing by or working outside of the lab a different vantage point 

The free flow of concepts and the application of STEM subjects in the real world is a curriculum goal of Whitehall City Schools that can be achieved more naturally in this adaptable environment.


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