Lancaster’s 5 New Elementary Schools

Legat Kingscott assisted Lancaster City Schools in passing a five building, $88.7 million bond levy in 2012. Overcrowding was a consistent issue throughout the district, and facilities were outdated and incapable of suitably educating students in the 21st century.

Five new elementary schools were designed with 21st Century and Future Learning features. The five schools are named below:

Medill Elementary School

Mount Pleasant Elementary School

Gorsuch West Elementary School

Tallmadge Elementary School

Tarhe Trails Elementary School

The district leaders’ goal in the school designs was namely equality throughout the district and the creation of neighborhood identity. Paul Garland and Dennis Paben worked closely with Lancaster City Schools’ leadership, educators, and community members to achieve school designs that fulfilled the district’s needs and desires that meet their educational curriculum delivery model. Our professionals listen and design for your community, after all, the buildings will be utilized by you and not us!

Design Features:

Extended Learning Areas throughout the school provide collaborative spaces outside traditional classroom walls.

The cafetorium functions as a versatile place for lunch, gym activities, music class, and an assembly area to convene the whole school. Flexibility is key here. Mt Pleasant CafetoriumMt. Pleasant Cafetorium

Landscape & Energy Efficiency: Each school was designed with Licking County ‘s landscape in mind, highlighting, for example, the beautiful wooded and hilly area beyond Tarhe Trails Elementary School from their media center. Floor to ceiling windows provide energy efficiency, while providing students a view of nature beyond school walls.

Gorsuch West Landscape Playground

The five schools combined were completed approximately $4 million under budget!


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